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At One Tango Studio,


  • We transform ideas into engaging entertainment products. From toys and games to original TV shows and immersive XR experiences, we maximize engagement and virality using the latest technology.

  • Our customized teams deliver exceptional results, whether through co-productions or internal development.

  • We offer Game Design and Design Thinking Consultancy, specializing in emerging media and technologies.

"It’s all about finding the best platform for the right idea and not the other way around. Our ‘Design Thinking’ approach pushed us to find and work with the best people in their field from all around the world, from Portugal to Nigeria, from US to Russia - getting the best results." Alvaro González, Founder - Brands Untapped Interview


Hi!, I'm Alvaro, founder of One Tango Studio.


In the last years, we’ve been working for international companies performing product, toy, game design, and other entertainment products on traditional mediums as well as cutting-edge technologies.

I directed and co-designed the official - Ghostbusters Afterlife: ScARe - AR game, an episodic story-driven experience for iOS and Android. Was released together with the movie under Sony, Ghost Corp, and Imprezario. Also directed and designed - Ape In Island: Jungle Rumble - a Web3 game for Steel Drum Studios under Polyient, Inc. for the Avalanche blockchain Network.

As FS Studio Head of Product Consultant, I designed toys and developed concepts for Spin Master, Hasbro, PAI Technology, and Discover with Dr. Cool, as well as IoT products and AR/VR experiences for Samsung, T-Mobile, and Clorox among others. I’ve personally spearheaded the design vision of many six and seven-figure projects, interfacing with teams across various disciplines, streamlining production flow, and managing clients.


We are looking forward to having the opportunity to collaborate in end-to-end developments, from concept to launch. Our specialized skill set combines artistry with technical know-how to bring best-in-class design principles to life in each and every product.


Alvaro González






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Game Development

We assemble a team of game designers, producers, coders and artists custom-tailored to the needs of each specific project, developing original IPs and co-productions across multiple platforms, with a focus on emerging markets.

Game Design Consultancy


We guarantee that all aspects of the design will work together in harmony: implementing solutions, custom design, product management, revenue models and mentoring. We will work together with your team to ensure the games are great fun and

critically renowned.

Concept Factory


We develop fresh, practical and successful concept which are the seed and heart of a vast variety of entertainment products while innovation that brings solutions to the entertainment ecosystem is our main motivation. We are always looking to pair the right partner to the right concept, giving birth to a unique product conceived by passion.

Toy Inventor


We are actively developing innovative toy concepts around original and existing IPs as part of the inventor's ring of Mattel, Inc. and Hasbro, Inc. Cognitive, emotional, physical, and motor skills are all part of our full-cycle toy development approach.



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